We have pediatric emergency care 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

In an area of high functionality and technology, we have space for attention and observation of preschool, school and adolescent patients up to 15 years, as well as a trauma-shock area equipped for specialized care in case of income that warrants it, while they move to the area of pediatric ICU or operating room if necessary.

Our highly trained staff will form a team of pediatricians and nurse practitioners who not only possess the technical knowledge and professional need for addressing the pediatric patient, but also have training in handling human relations in order to support the family of the patient.

Each patient will be accompanied by a family member in a comfortable space, with practical handling and with adequate ergonomics for 24-hour observation stays if necessary.

All cubicles have technological monitoring support, oxygen intakes, vacum and lighting.

We also have two triage offices, adapted for the care of patients simultaneously, being that in our institution we have two pediatricians per turn, and in the night guards with a pediatrician on duty, who evaluate the patient by performing what is necessary for its stabilization and determining the needs of subsequent evaluations with other sub specialties as appropriate and under the guidance of the attending physician.

For the comfort of the patient and his companion there is a waiting room, two bathrooms, easy entry and exit access to the lobby area of the clinic and coffee shop. This coupled with the great team support area general emergency (supervisors, surveillance, housekeepers, technicians statistical record) all with the aim of making the stay of the patient and family a moment of successful recovery of its good condition.

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The “Dr. Rafael Guerra Méndez” Medical Center represents one of the country’s private hospitals with more than 70 years of tradition and experience, aimed at providing health care from the preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation points of view.

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