The pathology service at the Dr. Rafael Guerra Méndez Medical Center, has been rendering full service since its foundation on November 1951, at the same building where it is nowadays. this laboratory does have the purpose to act helping the medical professionals, in the city of Valencia and all neighbor city and states of central Venezuela. It provides services of qualified pathologist on the management of morphologic diagnosis of all kind of tissue biopsies, intraoperative procedures, all type of cytological studies, and consultations of slides, blocks and tissues, from clinical institutions nearby. Also, immuno-histochemical studies on biopsies and test of pcr will be available soon. our specialists and technical personal guarantee complete communication with the medical specialists requiring our service.

We do open the service Monday thru Friday, since 8:00 am to 4:00 pm. We are located in the second floor of the Tower B, just beside the elevators. Phone number +58 (0241) 714 7215.

+58 241 856 1000
+58 241 714 7000

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The “Dr. Rafael Guerra Méndez” Medical Center represents one of the country’s private hospitals with more than 70 years of tradition and experience, aimed at providing health care from the preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation points of view.

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