Historical profile of the Dr. Rafael Guerra Mendez Medical Center

To write and document the history of Medicine, Surgery and the life of Physicians and Surgeons at the Dr. Rafael Guerra Méndez Medical Center in Valencia, is to tell the very life of the scientific – professional activity of Medicine in Carabobo of the last 70 years.

In describing the historical evolution of this private clinic, a pioneer in the center of the country of “Private Medical Assistance Centers” created for this purpose, since its original activity, the Guerra Méndez Medical Center was created, devised, planned, designed, it worked and was always known as a MEDICAL-SURGICAL CENTER. Initially, his primary specialty was Surgery and several of his subspecialties, such as: Otolaryngology, Gynecology, Urology, Traumatology and Orthopedics; from a few years after its opening. It is interesting to note that the Guerra Méndez Medical Center sheltered the professional activity of almost all of the Surgeons who worked in the City of Valencia – with few exceptions – from the decade of the 50s.

Parallel to the development of surgery, were incorporated specialists practicing in the city, internal medicine, obstetrics, pediatrics, dentistry, and other disciplines that developed rapidly at the time. So, we can describe that for the beginning of the 60s – of the 20th century -; practically all the disciplines of Health Sciences were housed and the Guerra Méndez Medical Center could already be defined as an integral and multidisciplinary medical institution.

Its origin can be traced back to the middle of the decade of the 30s, where in family gatherings and colleagues arose the idea of establishing a private clinic organized. And that gave rise to the constitution of the “POLICLINICA VALENCIA” historical predecessor of the Company “ESCULAPIO” C.A. that when registering and operating since 1936, was the promoter years after the Guerra Méndez Medical Center.

The “POLICLINICA VALENCIA” worked until 1949, in an old and stately house in the center of the city, half a block from the Plaza Bolívar, on Libertad Street right next to the old – now disappeared – Empire Theater. Teatro ImperioThe clinic occupied a well-preserved building in the good Andalusian architectural style, with strong embossed bars of solid iron, 2 central courtyards that had water fountains, and its floor with beautiful ancient mosaics. Surgeries, Laboratories, Operating Rooms, Delivery Room. Once the new headquarters of the Guerra Méndez Medical Center was built, inaugurated in 1951; On Rondon Street No. 95-49, maintained the prestige and the enthusiasm of his professionals and with a vision of the future, C.A. ESCULAPIO was acquiring the buildings around , and over the years they were able to finance and build a definitive headquarters of what is now known as “LA GUERRA MENDEZ”. To date, it has consolidated modern and functional facilities in its architectural complex; which occupy 3 blocks from the city center, and houses within it the membership of one of the most numerous and prestigious groups of health professionals in the city of Valencia.

As a message for the new generations that live here and those who will come later, serve this little semblance, to value the history of men and peoples, only in this way can we live the future, led by the example they gave us, and Virtues that lived and exercised professionals who have preceded us in time…

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The “Dr. Rafael Guerra Méndez” Medical Center represents one of the country’s private hospitals with more than 70 years of tradition and experience, aimed at providing health care from the preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation points of view.

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