Covid-19 Coronavirus: Practical Tips for Going to the Supermarket

In phase 4 – when there is a sustained transmission of the outbreak of the Coronavirus Covid-19 disease – the recommendation of the authorities is to stay home as much as possible. Respecting this, there are certain very necessary procedures for a family, which cannot be stopped: going to the supermarket is one of them, and that is why some tips are given to help avoid infections when you go to a very busy place.

In this context, the measures indicated by the health authority, such as social distancing, preventive quarantine and hand hygiene, are particularly relevant. “What they seek is to flatten the curve“.

This means that all cases with acute respiratory symptoms do not consult at the same time. And it is that this aspect, according to indicates an infectologist, would influence the mortality rate. “If the curve is flattened, these patients could access less congested healthcare centers with the necessary resources to attend to them,” says the specialist.

Measures to consider in the supermarket

Avoid buying in excess: It is not recommended to make extraordinary purchases, if there is not a problem with the supply chain.

  • Sanitize: Before touching the car – an object highly manipulated by many people – clean the handle with disinfecting towels. Then apply alcohol gel on the hands (rub on both palms, on the backs, in the spaces between the fingers, fingertips, thumbs, nails and wrists) for between 20 to 40 seconds.
  • Caution: Try to take only the food and utensils to be bought. In the case of those without packaging, special care should be taken not to touch them all to choose, something that happens, for example, with fruits and vegetables. “In this way, it is avoided so much infecting other people – in case one is the one who carries the virus and does not know it – and also that it enters the body since the products have already been manipulated by another person,” he says. A doctor.
  • Distance: Once in line to pay, try to keep a distance of one meter from other people and, when paying and storing the products in the bags, do it with care that they do not touch multiple surfaces.

Subsequently and without touching the face, reapply alcohol gel on the hands. Once in the house, do a proper hand wash again.

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