“Dr. Rafael Guerra Méndez” Medical Center

Represents one of the country’s private hospitals with more than 70 years of tradition and experience, aimed at providing health care from a preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation point of view.

The institution has a wide range of medical and surgical specialties and a wide variety of diagnostic support units with advanced technology for the assistance of adult patients and children, backed by a team of highly trained professionals and continuously updated in the advances of science medical.

Nuestra Misión


Provide health services through programs of preventive medical evaluation, curative and rehabilitation care, promoting teaching and research programs, which allow to offer medical care for the entire regional, national and international community, in order to meet their needs for the benefit of your health and well-being.

Nuestra Visión


To remain as the Leading Medical Center in the Provision of Health Services, with the necessary Human and Professional Quality, Advanced Technology and Modern Facilities, with a comprehensive dynamic administrative structure, generating Trust, Satisfaction and Security to our Patients and pride to our Employees, Associates and Shareholders.

Nuestros Valores


The courage to do your best. Transcend the values and competencies of our team and put them at the service of others, to meet their health needs and exceed their expectations. In this way we convey our commitment to the patient (love and hope).

Honesty: To act with honesty and integrity, we perform actions that generate confidence and trust in our service.

Empathy: We recognize and understand the feelings and behavior of human beings in the face of health needs, we provide our support and solidarity, offering personalized alternatives, for the improvement and solution of their health condition.

Security: “The value of transmitting security and confidence”, the tranquility that our patients feel with the guarantee of our services, the familiarity in the treatment, the professional competence and the advanced technology that supports us.

Human Talent: Our fundamental heritage is the human resource, so we are committed to its development and growth, encouraging the achievement of high levels of efficiency, effectiveness, identification and commitment to our Objectives, providing opportunities for personal fulfillment within the Organization . Our people provide the intelligence and generate actions necessary to achieve excellence in our processes.

Teamwork: The value of believing in others through the participation and clear definition of our actions based on Mission, Vision and Corporate Values, continuously improving processes, developing attitudes that show that the best idea is not one, if not which is generated from all together and promoting the synergy of mutual recognition.

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The “Dr. Rafael Guerra Méndez” Medical Center represents one of the country’s private hospitals with more than 70 years of tradition and experience, aimed at providing health care from the preventive, diagnostic, therapeutic and rehabilitation points of view.

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